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Activity Periodic Table Models


Activity: Periodic table models ATL: Information literacy skills: access information to be informed and inform others; process data and report results Search interactive periodic table or go to royal society of Chemistry To find some online interactive versions. Use online periodic table to find out the locations of these types of elements: Metal Non Metals Diatomic Elements Solid at 20˚C Gases at 20˚C On your own version of periodic table, show the location of these type of element using color code. Did you note anything about hydrogen? What are the properties of hydrogen? Do these properties suggest to you that it [...]

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A Level Tutor Jakarta


Tutoria is a team of professional and experienced A level tutor in Jakarta. We introduce a tailored and personalized private tutoring class for A level program un entire area of JABODETABEK (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi). We will send you our tutor CV for your consideration. . Here is an example of our tutor profile A Yanto, I am an experienced and qualified teacher with 7 years experience in teaching and also tutoring. I live in South Jakarta and ready to deliver a lesson in South Jakarta area. Currently, I am teaching science at IB world school in south Jakarta. [...]

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Best IB Tutor Jakarta


Nowadays school is competing at excellence performance for students. They aim o get an excellent result for the external examination since students are competing in globe nowadays. One of the leading programs which hundred of school In Jakarta implemented now is the IB Diploma program. The demand for extra tuition is also arisen in Jakarta as the result of competition to get admission at a top university. With that best IB tutor in Jakarta is in demand. To answer that problem, Tutoria has made the tailored program which design to make students achieve their best capacity. Tutoria is one of the [...]

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IGCSE Tutor Jakarta


When can we find a tutors who are familiar and expert with IGCSE subjects? The answer to that common question is simplhy here. Why I say the answer is here? Tutoria is a well known tuition agency in Jakarta which give tutoring service for years especially for IGCSE and A level Examinations. Tutoria provides tutoring service in all area in Jakarta. With good qualification of tutors, Tutoria can be your trustable partner in developing the academic achievement. As a tutoring agency, Tutoria also provide a testable module which can boost the students’ performance. The module is already proven with stellar result [...]

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